Piano - keyboard - guitar lessons in your own home online...

My main focus when teaching piano or keyboards or guitar is helping YOU to play the music that YOU want to play. Whether it is for performance or for your self in your own home I can help you if you are prepared to practice. "practice makes perfect"!

I prefer to teach in your own home as I can adjust my teaching style to suit your own situation and I believe that you will make better progress this way.


Prices: all lessons will last for 45 minutes (although I can be flexible) and will cost £30 per lesson Book your first lesson here

Piano for beginners NOW Online!

Over the years I have taught many people, young and old and of different abilities and one of the wonderful things about playing a musical instrument is the fact that you can play at your own level and with ensembles. My aim is to help YOU to play the music that YOU want to play. In the end it will depend on how much time you will have to practice!  

Keyboards for beginners

Playing an electronic keyboard is slightly different to playing a piano as they have a wide range of tomes and they have the added advantage of automatic chords and accompaniments. All of this means that you can make some interesting sounds  (after you ahve practised of course!)

  Guitar for beginers   

I have taught many hundreds of people in my career, children as young as 4 and adults as old as 70! One of the benefits of learning to play the guitar, apart from being "trendy" is it's portability, you can take it with you. I have taught classical and folk styles and once again choosing music that YOU want to play...




The benefits of musical training seem to persist for many years, or even decades and the picture that emerges from this all evidence is that learning to play a musical instrument in childhood protects the brain against the development of cognitive impairment and dementia 

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"David is enthusiastic, he encourages you and puts you at ease, as well as being extremely knowledgeable about music. I'm am thoroughly enjoying my guitar lessons and would recommend David as a teacher."  Briony H


"I have been very happy taking guitar lessons from David. I knew I wanted to have lessons at home and David is always on time. I love the convenience of having someone with so much patience and expertise come to my house. Even when I think I am playing badly, David is encouraging and always so cheerful. The lessons are good value for money too! I can definitely recommend David to others who are interested in learning to play a musical instrument."