Self-Isolation Support Network - SISN
(for people who are 'offline')

in response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Update 18th March - resources for online conferencing...

Update 16th March -  Romsey Community Action Plan 

Update 15th March - ideas for supporting neighbours ...

Update 14th March - note from nextdoor please read ...

Template for a temporary flyer  click here to download

(This is a word document which you can edit (and add your own telephone number)

and print both sides of the paper)


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NHS web site with regular updates...

Local SISN groups


With the growing threat of the Coronus Virus and the possibility of people having to self-isolate I thought that it would be useful to see if the local communities could support those who are not able to get out for shopping or prescriptions etc. Using email, apps etc we could provide a network to communicate within the community. My initial post was on and it had a great response. Now we need to see if it can work?

The supermarkets and pharmacies already have delivery systems in place for food and prescriptions but there are many older people who are either not online or don’t know how to order. So we need to set up a network of ‘buddies’ who can connect with these people and offer the service?

What is SISN?

Originally the idea was to create a support groups using Whats app but have joined Eden Valley Communities where we can set up groups which will enable this idea... see note form Nextdoor below

How does it work?

For the volunteers – they can use group to cover their immediate local area – eg ‘Romsey SO51’, ‘Shirley SO15’ etc and requests could be posted into the group. Volunteers would then elect to fulfil the request and contact the Self isolating person (SIP)

For the self-isolating person (SIP) -  they can request via an online form or email, or request on behalf of a neighbour who does not have online access.

For people who are not online (Self Isolating Person Offline (SIPO) or can’t use the technology we could set up a buddy system so that a person ‘looks after’ a number of “offline” people in their immediate area.


How it might work -

  1. Volunteers contact next door neighbour who is self isolating but not online and collects shopping list or prescription.
    NOTE: We need to be careful about handling money and paper? I have asked how long the virus would last on bank notes etc

  2. Volunteer posts request to their What’s app group (with their address?)

  3. Volunteer acknowledges that they can carry out the request

  4. Volunteers collects shopping / prescription and delivers to SIPO and receives payment


Some questions:

How do we protect the volunteers?

I think we will need masks, gloves, hand sanitiser – perhaps someone would sponsor this initially?

We can leave the shopping at the door?


How do we receive payment for the shopping – cash would be the ideal method but we need to find out how long the virus will last on notes etc.  It might mean leaving the notes in an envelope for a few days?

Payments could be made online or on the phone with credit card or debit card but does everyone have a card?



Note from

In challenging times, your neighbourhood can be a great source of support. Showing kindness to fellow neighbours, supporting local businesses, and strengthening connections with your local community can have a major impact on the vitality of a neighbourhood.


We’ve joined the Eden Project Communities, along with a range of partners, to launch a Community Action Response encouraging people to support their neighbours, particularly the vulnerable and isolated, during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Read these five top tips to help you and your neighbours support one another in keeping your neighbourhood healthy.

You can also use our Groups feature as a way to share information and provide virtual support. Anyone can be invited to a group, even if they aren’t currently on Nextdoor. Read how to create a group on Nextdoor here.

We fully support neighbour to neighbour communication in times of emergencies; we have established a misinformation policy to help ensure neighbours can find and share helpful and accurate information on Nextdoor.

We are committed to making sure your neighbourhood remains a place you can rely on.

Thank you for being a good neighbour.


Ideas for supporting offline neighbours...

  • Checking in on older or more vulnerable neighbours

  • Delivering food shopping

  • Picking up prescriptions

  • Donate food to foodbanks

  • Creating care packages with essentials

  • Looking after pets or taking your neighbour’s dog for a walk

  • Putting the bins out for a neighbour

  • Sharing childcare duties

  • Creating leaflets to deliver with NHS advice 

Romsey Emerg.JPG

LOCAL SISN groups:

Romsey west - SISN SO51  including Middlebridge St, Newton Lane, A27, Embley Park

Southampton Banister Park - SISN SO15 - including Banister Park, Northlands Rd, Silverdale Rd, Hill Lane


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