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Music teacher, musician and performer, IT trainer, artist, web producer, lecturer... My CV makes no sense at all but I do enjoy helping people to learn new skills like playing the guitar or piano or mastering MS office Word or Excel?

So this web site may look a little confusing but I am sure you will find something here that might interest you.

The recent lockdown has meant that I could use my experience of working from home and working online with Skype and Google Hangouts and more recently Zoom!

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"I have been very happy taking guitar lessons from David. I knew I wanted to have lessons at home and David is always on time. I love the convenience of having someone with so much patience and expertise come to my house. Even when I think I am playing badly, David is encouraging and always so cheerful. The lessons are good value for money too! I can definitely recommend David to others who are interested in learning to play a musical instrument."  - Marvis

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Private lessons in the comfort of your own home online and a daily practice plan to help you to progress each lesson will find the way to bring the love of music into your life....

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