Do you teach  beginners?

Yes I do. It is one of the great rewards when a complete beginner plays their first piece! I teach adults and children of all ages.



Do I need to have my own instrument?

Yes you do. The most important part of learning an instrument is YOUR daily practice. Practising an instrument can be hard work sometime but the benefits come when you play the music that you want to play.


Where do you teach? Now - Online!

I prefer to give you lesson in your own home. There are several advantages to doing it this way. 1. I can see where you will practice and I can 'adjust' any issues that may hinder your progress, 2. We will be using your own instrument to help reinforce familiarity.



How much do the lessons cost?

See the music and technology pages for more information but on average they cost £30 for 45 minutes



What happens if I can't attend the lesson? 

I will always try to be flexible and provided you give me 48 hrs notice I will be happy to adjust the timings or credit a lesson. If you do not come for a lesson I will have to charge for that lime.



Do you do the exams?

No I don't offer this service. There are many teachers who will offer this. I prefer to concentrate on helping my pupils to play for personal enjoyment



How do I start?

That's easy! Just fill out the contact form or call me on 07545 982838



"David is enthusiastic, he encourages you and puts you at ease, as well as being extremely knowledgeable about music. I'm am thoroughly enjoying my guitar lessons and would recommend David as a teacher."  Briony H


"I have been very happy taking guitar lessons from David. I knew I wanted to have lessons at home and David is always on time. I love the convenience of having someone with so much patience and expertise come to my house. Even when I think I am playing badly, David is encouraging and always so cheerful. The lessons are good value for money too! I can definitely recommend David to others who are interested in learning to play a musical instrument."